A Simple Name
Caps & Shells
A Simple Agenda
To exceed expectations
A Simple Vision
To design exceptionally
A Simple Canvas
Branding | Films | Communication | Websites | Digital | Designs
A Prestigious Client List
Angelique International Limited
About us
Telling It like It Isn’t
No starburst greeted our birth. No celebrities popped champagnes. No dancers swayed to any beat. Nothing earth shaking happened.
IT WAS A HUMBLE START for Capshellers in 2015 and every effort has been made from the scratch.
The Big Idea Egg
For us, it dsn’t matter whether the chicken came first or the egg. What matters is chicken needs to
be seen well and the egg needs to be projected well.
And that’s our forte.
You Will Not Find Us
In page 3 crowds. In colour splash parties.Not in weird hairdos, funny getups or pigtails. Nor even as cigar
chomping, philosophy spewing pseudo- intellectuals.

We keep you connected with influential multicultural millennial by
delivering authentic designs, keeping intact the core value & enthralling content.
You Will Discover Us
▸ In communication that matters
▸ Delivering films that’s an 'Idea House' across genres
▸ Effective digital presence
▸ Designs that boosts a contemporary edge
▸ Branding that bring brands back to life
▸ Websites that narrates the story
We the People
Telling It like It Isn’t
A team that boast of a Creative Director (Art), 2 Art Directors, 2 Graphic Designers, 2 Visualizers, an illustrator, 2 Web Developers, a copywriter,
a Creative Director (Copy) and a Client servicing that makes impossible possible. This versatile mix of talent
covers all the ends of the creative spectrum blending the finer aspects of technology
with the innovativeness in Capshellers’s diverse portfolio
Caps & Shells Creatives Pvt.Ltd